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184 Main Street Victoria 8007


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Going green

The environment

We believe that “going green” is more than a marketing tactic. By reusing a structure that’s been in existence for over fifty years, the building itself is preserving a piece of history and the environment.

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  1. Our cocomat mattresses, towels and linen are eco friendly.
  2. We use led lamps to reduce power consumption.
  3. Detergents for laundry and dishes (Bio planet), shampoos and shower gels are eco and body friendly.
  4. We use natural detergents such as ,vinegar, baking soda,etc to remove heavy soil.
  5. We have installed solar panels, to have hot water.
  6. We provide a dehumidifier, to regulate the humidity in the air.
  7. Our inverter air condition machines, ensure lower energy consumption.
  8. We have installed time swiches in the exterior lights ,to save energy.
  9. To keep away insects like ants and flies, we use biologiacal pesticides.
  10. We have aluminioum frames in our windows and doors, for better isolation.
  11. We have planted trees and plants to reduce the temperature of the building.
  12. We encourage the recycling, by providing special waste bins for recyclable and ordinary rubbish.
  13. We provide to our guests bio products.
  14. We encourage the use of eco friendly means of transport, like bikes and scooters, by providing them in some of our apartments.
  15. Let’s walk more!! No elevators at this building.
  16. Our disintegrating toilet paper, protects both the environment and the sewerage of Athens.
  17. Strong focus on locally sourced food and drink
  18. Location offers the ability to walk to downtown businesses, restaurants, shops, theaters and public transportation
  19. We only use ecologically friendly paints in our properties.
  20. Green Solar 100% Energy